Assessments and Indicators Directory: A resource of support tools for aquatic conservation.



This webpage is a living document of decision support tools for freshwater conservation. All tools provide information for the state of Missouri, although they may be the result of regional or national assessments.

Each assessment or index is summarized on an individual card. Text tags (“tags:”) serve as a visual cross-reference to the “variable inputs” filter. Links to source documents and data are provided where available (“availability:”) and a short description (“desc:”) about the tool. In some cases, a specific example (“example:”) of how the tool has been used in the past is provided.

By default all cards are displayed. To narrow the results, select filters from dropdown menus in the left panel and scroll down to see cards that match the selection. Hover over each filter heading to see definitions for the corresponding drop-menu options. Filters function as exclusive combination filters to minimize the number of displayed cards. To return to a full display, click on the “reset filters” button.

Tools available to explore

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