Research focus

I study how biotic communities respond to anthropogenic disturbances and natural conditions in an effort to better understand how to manage ecosystems for the persistence and health of fish and wildlife. For about 20 years, my research has been focused on community assessments across large landscapes, although I have worked on individual species. Typically, I work in collaboration with other researchers to address local, regional, and national research needs of land managers by leveraging existing datasets.

Contact information:
Jodi Whittier
School of Natural Resources
University of Missouri, Columbia, MO 65063
Phone: 573-491-9910
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Post-doctoral position announcement

The primary research for the successful candidate will focus on modeling biotic endpoints linked to water quality within watersheds of the Mississippi River Basin, assessing spatial scalability of the modeled endpoints, and predicting biotic response to agricultural conservation practices. You would be joining a collaborative team of watershed researchers to model water quality and in-stream biological endpoints linked to agricultural conservation in the Mississippi River Basin. The team includes researchers from University of Kansas, Texas A&M. Michigan State University, USDA Agricultural Research Service, The Nature Conservancy, and USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service. Your will work closely with two other post-doctoral researchers at Texas A&M and KU who will conduct watershed modeling for water quality metrics. test