Evaluation of the bonus fishery created by the low-density stocking of Striped Bass in Bull Shoals Lake

Creating Striped Bass fisheries in reservoirs throughout the United States produces popular fishing opportunities for local anglers, non-local fisherman, and often supports businesses offering guided fishing services. As the Striped Bass fishery develops ...

Quantifying the cost of replacing recreational and subsistence fisheries caused by climate change

Climate change may lead to changes in the fish communities and fish distributions that may lead to changes in recreational and subsistence fisheries, and thus there is a need to establish the cost of replacing these losses.  

Identifying electrofishing capture-prone response thresholds for catfish and smallmouth bass in Missouri

Standardization of electrofishing output will minimize bias, reduce variation in catch, and allow for more valid spatial and temporal comparisons of sample data, regardless of the electrofishing control box used. Biologists need to know how conductivity ....

Collaborations with Chinese Scientists on River Conservation

Craig Paukert was invited by the Chinese Academy of Sciences researcher Yushun Chen to their Institute of Hydrobiology (IHB) in Wuhan, China in October 2018 to work with his graduate students on river conservation issues. The collaboration included presentations by the IHB graduate students, and site visits to rivers and conservation centers in central China. These were initial efforts to develop long-term collaborations with the University of Missouri and the IHB at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Future plans include more trips to China, and possible student exchanges between Missouri and the IHB.